CBD Skincare

Even naturally derived shaving cream can make our skin dry and sensitive to the elements. Rishi Aftershave Balm penetrates, nourishes, and protects using the best natural ingredients.  Starting with a Jojoba oil, one of nature’s most novel skin hydrators. The reason it works so well is because of the way it adapts with our skin’s natural oils, as a result or skin soaks it up along with any other nutrients blended with it. Next one of nature’s best kept anti-aging* secrets, Azulene, derived from Blue German Chamomile oil, keeps your skin looking & feeling fresh and young because of its unique antioxidant profile, while Clove Bud oil according to studies works to clear blemishes. Full spectrum hemp with soothing shea butter relax the skin, and natural beeswax shields with a layer of all-day protection. Now is your time to feel the post shave calm with Rishi Balm.

$40.00 USD

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$40.00 USD

– Sold Out

- Organic Ingredients

- Paraben & Alcohol Free

- No Artificial Dyes or Colors

- Not Tested on Animals

- All Natural No Synthetic Ingredients

- No Cheap oils or fillers

Starting with uncompromisingly sourced herbs & extracts

and a small crock pot in our kitchen we have always crafted our products with holistic & natural ingredients. We apricate you joining us on our journey of brining time-tested remedies to the world.