Live Rishi Ambassadors & Testimonials

Francesca Quillen

Francesca Uses Live Rishi products every day and lives life to the fullest. She is an avid adventurer and anthropologist. When she’s not traveling the world to take part in archeological excavations in Central America or climbing Africa’s highest mountain. She excels as one of the youngest leaders in her home state of Delaware’s hyper-competitive fine dining scene
















Walt Hendrick – “My muscles feel relaxed and joint pain is much less. My wife has almost
eliminated pain medications form 2 back fusion surgeries. The Rub has done wonders for my recent
shoulder surgery, I apply a couple times a day for pain relief. Our CBD is always the 1st thing we pack
when traveling.”



Lisa Kammerlocher  – “I use the CBD tincture to help manage fibromyalgia. When used regularly, I experience better productivity at work because it takes the edge off pain, enabling me to focus.”





Sundri Khubani – “I love the Rub, it smells so good! It helps with my pain, I use it every day. When I go to massage therapy I ask the masseuse to use it.”