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Rishi Drops 250 are the perfect companion for focus at work or clearing away stress for yoga and meditation. Organic Coconut Oil provides a clean canvas that opens with a sweet aromas and mellow notes of real Madagascar bourbon Vanilla Beans, which is prized for its natural caramel & milk chocolate like flavor profile.  Meanwhile, organic hemp flower provides a gentle sweetgrass undertone throughout the palate. Versatile and light, enjoy at home, on a hike, or simply just to have a chill night. 

Rishi Drops 1000 are you day and night companion with a minimum of 1000 mg of CBD per bottle, you will feel more focused and grounded on your daily work as you shed away stress. Enjoy a drop in the evening to experience naturally other naturally occurring hemp compounds which in addition to CBD may help your mind unwind for better sleep and relaxation. Organic Coconut Oil creates a clean palate for organic hemp flower’s gentle grassy and earthy undertones with the infusion of a sweet & mellow Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla bean giving way with subtle notes of caramel and cream.

Rishi Drops 5000 Reserve is a limited-run production that you can feel regardless of CBD Tolerance. Our Strongest Tincture combines a rich Assortment of Minor cannabinoids and terpenes to relieve severe aches and stresses. These higher concentrations create a truly tranquil experience that can aid with rest and recovery. Blended with organic Coconut Oil, you will taste rich earthy and grassy notes of organic hemp flower followed by the finest quality Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans’ sweet & mellow aromas which can resemble creamy caramel flavor. 

$40.00 USD

$40.00 USD

- Organic Ingredients

- Paraben & Alcohol-Free

- No Artificial Dyes or Colors

- Not Tested on Animals

- All Natural No Synthetic Ingredients

- No Cheap oils or fillers

Starting with uncompromisingly sourced herbs & extracts

and a small crock pot in our kitchen we have always crafted our products with holistic & natural ingredients. We apricate you joining us on our journey of brining time-tested remedies to the world.

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Shannon S.
Still Amazing

I will never stop using your product...I'm in love :)

Ronald G.
CBD Tincture and Rub

Great experienced using the CBD Tincture and Rub, relive pain and inflammation.

Shannon N.
1000 MG Tincture

1 word....AMAZING :)

Joseph C.
Don’t wait

This product has been life changing. Chronic pain has been greatly diminished, often completely alleviated. I was the biggest skeptic alive. I had no expectations of even a tiny improvement. I now use the tincture (drops) daily and cream when needed. I can’t say enough great things about this product. It has been effective against neuropathy, arthritis, muscle pain and other difficult to treat ailments. It has made two dreaded winters virtually pain free. 95% of the time even rainy weather isn’t worrisome. Trust me-you need this product.

Kacie B.
Life saver

This stuff is an actual life saver, stopped pharmaceutical psych meds for personal reasons and after some time knew I needed something to help my head but didn’t know what to do. My dad suggested this stuff and it made a world of difference and gave me the strength to stay away from pharmaceuticals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU SO MUCH!